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Housing Association offers elderly accommodation to younger people

by d.regan 15. December 2009 06:09

Mendip housing association will now accept tenants for their sheltered housing schemes if they are over 18 and have support needs. Most of the younger tenants have learning difficulties, mental health or physical problems. Such a low age limit is unusual as most sheltered housing schemes have a minimum age requirement; usually either 60+ or 55+ and more rarely 50+.

Stuart Himes, supported housing manager, explained the change was prompted by the fact that the housing association has many older tenants who did not yet need support but had moved into sheltered accommodation in case they did later on in their life and there were many younger people who needed supported housing but couldn’t get it. Elaine Penton, a member of Mendip’s tenants' forum commented on the change “Some older people were worried. But it has worked wonderfully. We have had some younger people doing shopping for someone older.”

Source: Inside Housing 4th December 2009



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