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Art Awards 2010-11 Venue and Dates Arranged

by mmillington 7. September 2010 02:03

Thank you very much indeed to all of you who so kindly emailed, wrote and phoned with suggestions for venues. We have added another 50 venues to our ongoing database, and followed up each lead you sent us. Some we were very sorry to pass over, and will arrange to visit, as possibilities for future years.

But we are delighted with our final choice of venue for the 2010-11 EAC Art Awards - the RBSA (Royal Birmingham Society of Artists) Gallery in St Paul’s Square, Birmingham, where the Finalists Exhibition will be held over two weeks, from 9th to 21st May 2011.  The deadline for 2010-11 entries to the EAC Art Awards has therefore been set at 4th March 2011.

So, for the first time in their 17 year history, the EAC Art Awards are going to move out of London! Please look at the RBSA website at and we are sure you will agree that it offers a most welcoming gallery space with a long and impressive history. Furthermore, situated as it is at the corner of St Paul’s Square, next to Birmingham’s famous jewellery quarter, it is a most interesting short walk or taxi-ride from Birmingham New Street Station.

The two week exhibition also gives visitors more time to plan a visit to Birmingham, perhaps taking in an overnight stay and/or meal out. Certainly the area around historic St Paul’s Square is well served with tempting eating places, and surprisingly easy car parking. It also gives the organisers opportunities to re-instate the popular artist workshops, which were a feature of earlier Art Awards.

Holding the exhibition in May 2011 will return EAC Art Awards to their traditional early Summer schedule, and has the added advantage of allowing artists a long lead-in time in preparation for entry. It also gives us additional time in which to make improvements to the website and to publicise the Awards more widely.

This year, we are holding the entry fees at the same rates as for the last three years; ie £9 per entry, up to a maximum of five entries, with a special offer of 4 entries for the price of 3 (£27) and 5 entries for the price of 4 (£36). We are sorry not to be able to offer further reductions, but the Art Awards have never been a profit-making endeavour for EAC, and the uncertainties of sponsorship make 2010-11 a particularly tight year financially. Thank you to those who wrote enquiring as to whether we had been a casualty of the economic downturn, but no, there’s plenty of life in us yet!


Speaking of which, this year’s Photography Award, a new venture for EAC, has taken off really well.  Please see the link from the website Homepage for details, but remember that the deadline for this Award is 31st October 2010, so less than eight weeks  to go. We would particularly welcome entries that show older people in a positive light and entries from residents of sheltered and extra-care housing. So, why not get out there with your camera while the weather’s still good? There is no entry fee for this competition, and your work could well feature on the Art Awards website and/or in publicity for EAC’s National Housing for Older People Awards 2011 (see as well as winning a £100 prize.

 Angela Maloney, "Repetition".Entrant 2009

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Eac Art Awards

EAC Art Awards 2010 - 2011

by mmillington 29. July 2010 04:15

I guess everyone has those times when things just don’t go according to plan. Well, it’s been happening to us too, and the result is that the eagerly awaited EAC Over 60s Art Awards 2010 have just become the EAC Over 60s Art Awards 2010-2011.


It all started with a discussion in May, about how we might develop the Art Awards; about how we might do things differently in order to improve them and also make them attractive to a wider range of people.

We considered:

  • Entry Fees – could we reduce them, at the same time weighing up the likelihood that sponsorship is likely to be very difficult to come by this year?
  • Website Development – last year, 28% of entries came in online, and during the voting for The EAC People’s Choice Award, over 100,000 web pages were viewed from 50 countries. How could we encourage more artists to participate in the competition online?
  • EAC Creative Awards? Why does EAC restrict itself to ‘Art Awards’? Why not broaden out to celebrate creativity across the Arts?
  • Exhibition Venue – transport links make a London exhibition the most convenient for the greatest number, but ought we to be looking at moving the exhibition out of London, both for considerations of cost, as well as of inclusivity?

But it’s the exhibition venue that has caused the rethink and the delay. Over the last 3 months we have looked at, contacted, and/or visited what must be approaching 100 venues up and down the country. We’ve approached community spaces, town halls, public and private galleries, National Trust venues, hotels, temporary exhibition spaces in vacant shops, cathedrals, corporate head-offices….in London, Birmingham, Bath, Leeds etc etc…. you name it, we’ve tried it! But frustratingly, and surprisingly, to us at least, to no avail. Reluctantly, we have admitted defeat in the quest to find the perfect venue, at reasonable rates, in time for a December 2010 exhibition, which had been our preferred option.

But not defeat overall, as we are committed to making the 2010 Art Awards happen…even if they have to overlap into 2011!  We are therefore continuing our search for a venue over the next few weeks, and with a longer lead-in time to a Spring Exhibition, we are confident  that the perfect place will materialise. This is where you might also be able to help. EAC has a loyal following of thousands of artists who might just know the very place to hold the 17th EAC Art Awards Exhibition. If so, we would delighted to hear from you. (As many of you will know, we need a gallery space for up to 150 exhibits, with good access and reasonable transport links. We have a gallery spec with further details, if you would kindly take the time to contact us.)

So what will happen now?

Whist we have been on the quest for that elusive venue, we have also been updating our website. Rather than delay any further, we will make the website live from 29th July 2010. This will carry all up-to-date info and news over the coming weeks, and is also set up to accept online entries and postal entries immediately, should any intrepid and extremely keen artists feel so inclined. We will also be in touch by post for those without internet access. Hard copy publicity and entry forms will follow later, once venue and dates are clarified.

Meanwhile, making the most of the opportunity of the rescheduled Art Awards 2010, why not enter our first EAC Photography competition?


Eac Art Awards

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