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Do you know about The Bath Prize?

by mmillington 29. July 2010 04:05

The Bath Prize (see welcomes entries from painters visiting Bath during June, July and August. Painters may submit as many works as they wish but the first entry must have been inspired by a specific location  in  the Georgian city. This location  is allocated by ballot when the entry is received. Sponsored by The Bath Gallery, the competition is open to both professional and amateur painters, who will be encouraged to work on the streets, en plein air, but they can also sketch or photograph their subject and complete the work elsewhere.

Entries for the competition close on August 23rd.


Our apologies to David Collett who requested our help in publicizing this really unusual and interesting competition many weeks ago. You may feel it is now rather short-notice to submit entries this year, but you may wish to view entries online or visit the  exhibition of finalists’ work which takes place in September.


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