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National Housing for Older People Awards - 24 September 2013

by abilleter2 22. July 2013 05:14

Do not miss this great event tailored to entertain and inform the residents of retirement housing as well as the professional. Similar events at Lords Cricket Ground (2010) and at Ascot Racecourse (2011) were extremely successful. This year, our guest speaker is Edwina Currie who needs no introduction and has been called "the best communicator the Tories have" and "a brash and energetic life force." Her life to date has been summed up by fellow writer and MP Sir Julian Critchley: "Edwina Currie has a brass neck, a silver tongue and a golden pen." Dwonload the programme and booking form. (Photograph by Geoff Pugh)

Time to Vote for the EAC Peoples Choice Award

by rbarnes 7. January 2013 16:10

You can now visit the EAC Art Awards online gallery to view all the entries to this year’s competition. Vote for your three favourite images and comment on as many pictures as you like.  Please try and find time to comment on the work, as previous experience has shown us that the artists’ gain tremendous satisfaction and encouragement from seeing feedback from others.  


The Peoples Choice Award voting will end on 31 January 2013.  You may want to revisit the site several times before then to see how the voting is going, see how it has changed over time and read some of the comments. Maybe you could add some more yourself each time you visit! 


This is the first time that we have displayed all the entries. There are a large number of images but you can search them by artist and by category.  We hope that you will enjoy browsing through them and be impressed by the huge talent that exists. 

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Eac Art Awards

Deadline for entries 31 December 2012

by rbarnes 6. December 2012 10:00

Many of you may have already entered this year’s competition, but if you are still thinking of taking part (and we hope you are),  do not delay in sending your entries, as we have a bank holiday immediately before the deadline, as well as all the distractions that Christmas brings.


Entries have been arriving steadily since our competition opened in August.  We are delighted with the response so far, but we would love to be able to demonstrate to our sponsors that we have exceeded our targets and have reached out to an ever increasing number of older artists.  The creation of a beginner’s prize in each category has proved very attractive so if you have friends or family keen to have a go for the first time, please do encourage them.


Listening to entrants’ stories, illustrates to us how the involvement in art and other creative activities can bring many benefits.  So we like to think that the EAC Over 60s Art Awards is not just an art competition; it is about taking part, having a go, continuing with a hobby that continues to bring pleasure and a sense of achievement, trying out a new skill and being surprised with the results and sharing knowledge and skills with others.  Clearly everyone has their own personal reason for involvement in artistic pursuits.  As well as showcasing the fantastic and varied work that our entrants produce, we are keen to evidence these wider benefits.


Although time is getting short, it is certainly not too late to send us your entries.  So do now start to put the finishing touches to your work and send us your entries either online or by post.


We hope to have your continued support.

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Eac Art Awards


by rbarnes 16. November 2012 06:01

The  House of Lords prize giving event will be held on 27th February 2013 – further details to be announced nearer the time


Thank you to everyone who has requested additional posters and entry forms for their art groups; we have further supplies for those who need them


Entries received to date include watercolours, oils, photographs, sculptures and our first ever digital art images!


Entrants are from all over the U.K.  Ages of entrants this year, so far, range from 60 – 100 years


Keep your works coming in and we hope to have the online gallery live in the near future

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Eac Art Awards

EAC ART AWARDS 2012….. the pictures are coming in

by rbarnes 17. October 2012 10:00

It is such an exciting time when the pictures start to arrive.  I am constantly checking the database to view the arrival of new images.  The phone is busy with queries from enthusiastic artists and we just keep our fingers crossed that the competition will be another success.

You will have noticed that the closing date is 31 December.  Soon it will be that frantic time of year again. So it may be advisable not to leave your entries to the last minute.  There are many distractions around this time and you may not be able to get near your computer if you are intending to enter online.  Likewise, there will be interruptions to postal services during the holiday period for those of you who are sending entries by post.  There is still plenty of time, however, between now and then, to sharpen your pencils, get your brushes out and start painting, sculpting, photographing or whatever you excel at.

We are currently trying to let as many people as possible, know about the competition.  If you are aware of any local groups who may like information or posters, please give me a call (01242 527434) or email  It is very hard to reach the small and varied groups that are all over the country and this is often where much of the work goes on and the talent is hidden.

Twitter is one tool that we are using this year to reach larger organisations that are associated with art, older people or both.  Are you familiar with tweeting?  Have a look on our homepage and “Follow us on twitter” – we would love to hear from you!

Here is a recent article on EAC Art Awards in Mature Times

EAC ART AWARDS competition is open

by rbarnes 16. September 2012 14:27

At last, the EAC Over 60s Art Awards 2012 is up and running!

We are already receiving entries online and the competition looks as if it will be as exciting as ever.  For those of you who are awaiting our 2012 poster and the new postal entry form, these will be with you by the end of September.  If you are on our postal mailing list, you will receive them automatically but, if not, drop us an email or telephone 01242 527434.

If you haven’t taken part before, please join our community of enthusiastic amateur artists. The competition showcases the fantastic work that is being produced by people over 60.  We feel that now, more than ever, it is important to demonstrate the positive aspects of growing older and Art Awards is such a good example.  Last year a number of our artists were in their 90’s, all enjoying the pleasure of taking part, and for some there was the added prestige and excitement of being chosen for exhibition and prizes. We have discovered that a lot of entrants are self taught and may have only taken up art after retirement; others have taken the opportunity of a little more time on their hands to resume a hobby that they enjoyed previously.  Many people have reported the wider rewards of immersing themselves in a pursuit that brings them a sense of achievement and also helps them to engage with other people of similar interests.

Perhaps you could help us to publicise our competition?  Let your friends, colleagues and fellow artists know about EAC Over 60sArt Awards as soon as possible and please get them involved.  We need entries to increase this year. The website is the best place to start but if you require extra posters let us know.  This year we would like as many people as possible to enter online but note that we continue to accept postal entries.
If you are an activities co-ordinator or you run an art group we would love to hear from you.

Finally for those of you who have been involved in Art Awards over the last few years, we are sorry to announce that Marg Millington has decided to step down from this year’s event.  I am sure that everyone has valued the enormous time and energy invested by Marg in Art Awards over the last few years.  She will be very much missed.  I particularly enjoyed working alongside her last year; her enthusiasm for the Awards was very infectious. I hope that she goes on to enjoy a little more free time to enjoy her many interests.

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Eac Art Awards


by mmillington 24. April 2012 07:44

At last we can bring you news of this year’s Art Awards.

Over the last week, the following letter has gone out to previous years’ entrants:


 Dear Entrants and Friends

I am delighted to report that we have secured funding for the 2012 and 2013 Art Awards from the John Ellerman Foundation. This enables us to sustain what will be our 19th and 20th years organising this very popular event. We very much hope that you will continue to enter and support Art Awards and that you will encourage your friends to get involved. Art Awards is an integral part of our work as a housing information and advice charity enabling EAC to promote the importance of well informed housing and care options in later life. It is very important that we increase entries this year.


Art Awards On Line

Art Awards is moving towards a new format and it is one which is increasingly important to all of us. 2012 will see the Awards start to develop as a fully ‘online event’. This will take a couple of years to achieve and builds on the online option, which many of you already use, first developed in 2009. This means that we want as many of you as possible to submit your entries to the Art Awards website ( )on the internet. In developing the Awards this way we hope that you will become even more adept in using the internet or if you are not familiar with computers that you will enlist the support of family and friends to help upload photographs of your work. This will help to develop the skills and familiarity with the internet that so many of the services and shops we use today seem to take for granted. Hopefully Art Awards will prove an enjoyable – and not too frustrating! – route to using a computer.


A New Prize Giving Format

The theme of the 2012 & 2013 Awards is ‘Getting Connected’. Last year nearly a third of you entered in this way, that is, online, using a computer. This year we hope you will respond even more enthusiastically

and enable us to reach 50% and in 2013 rise to 75%. Don’t worry if you do not have access to a computer you will still be able to submit your photographs to the judges in the usual way by post. But if you can


find someone to help please do enter into the spirit of this new approach.


What this also means is that for the first time we will not be showing the entries or holding the Awards at a gallery. The costs and organisation associated with a gallery event, including receiving and returning entries, are really too onerous for a small charity.

So we have a new idea. We are exploring having a prize giving at an iconic venue such as the House of Lords, probably early December. So plan your Christmas shopping visit to London now! The idea is that winners would be invited to attend as usual but your entries will be shown on a screen rather than hanging on a wall or sitting on a plinth. We hope to add to the sense of occasion and celebration of being a finalist.


Your Art Awards Team

We are so fortunate in the team we have so I know you will be delighted to learn that our two Art Awards volunteers Marg Millington and Rosalind Barnes, who do so much to make the whole project come to life,


will again be in close cooperation with you. A key aim this year is grow the EAC ‘artist’s community’ and we hope to be invited and to make visits to see some artists progressing their work. Over the next 2 years


we shall also explore ways to develop wider engagement in Art Awards including classes and events. We also have some ideas for Art Awards becoming a more ‘rolling’ initiative. More of that in due course .And


of course we shall continue to send you newsletters. Let us have the names and addresses of friends who might also wish to hear from us.

Marg and Rosalind will again be joined by Siobhan Kneale who has been closely involved with Art Awards in recent years. We will be integrating Art Awards more closely with other things we do at EAC and also keeping you in touch about these. Blanche Beavan (  020 7820 3755) will now be the EAC manager with day to day responsibility for the Awards. The rest of the EAC team will also play their part. We very much hope you will do your bit by getting your entries in and by enthusing others to do so.


Finally, you may also wish to know that we are exploring new ways to encourage multiple entries this year and to increase the number of prizes. There will be some new categories to attract interest. More of that in a May newsletter and in forthcoming ‘blogs’ and on Facebook. So if you were waiting to hear what was happening with Art Awards…. let me confirm that a starting date for Art Awards will be announced once we have made a number of changes to the Art Awards website and have new systems and guidance for you in place. This is likely to be in June and you will be able to submit your entries from July onwards. We are likely to be judging late Autumn and holding the prize giving event early December (exact dates to follow)…all that remains is for you to get your work under way. When systems are in place we will give the go ahead for entries.

Best wishes


   John Galvin
   Chief Executive EAC


We have a lot of work to do now, to make AA 2012 a reality….. starting with this website. Keep your eyes open…and please get to work!


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EAC National Housing for Older People Awards 2012

by abilleter2 11. April 2012 09:20

30 Winners selected

Nominations were received between 1st October 2011 and 31st March 2012 from 2799 residents of all forms of housing for later life throughout the UK.

The Awards celebration took place on 21 May 2012 at Legal & General London offices.

See the A-Z list of the 30 finalists / winners

This year EAC and its sponsors took the risk of putting a cost on the nomination packs. The new £10 +Vat cover mainly the production and mailing costs of the packs.

No one could predict how the introduction of a price would affect the popularity of the Awards, but a sharp reduction on demand was expected. And it did happen: in 2010, 2140 residents had taken part, rising to 3517 in 2011 and dropping back this year, but only down to 2847, exceeding our expectations.

This very satisfactory result is due mainly to the effort and good will of housing providers and scheme managers who bought the nomination packs for their residents and encouraged them to play the game. The proportion of unused nomination packs has happily dropped from an unsustainable 66% down to an estimated 25% or less.

The winners will be pleased that their residents value their housing and the services they receive.

The managers of the nominated schemes have now access to their residents' view by ordering a Provider Report which highlights strength and weaknesses, as perceived by the residents whilst protecting the residents’ confidentiality. It is clear that many groups of residents play the nomination game knowing full well that with the poor scores they are entering, winning was not on the cards. Their main motivation was to seize this opportunity to discuss and express their views.

The Housing and Dementia Research Consortium (HDRC)

by d.regan 16. March 2012 14:38

The Housing and Dementia Research Consortium (HDRC)

The Housing and Dementia Research Consortium (HDRC) is a membership group that has come together to achieve timely, high quality research focused on ‘what works’ in order to directly influence policy and practice in relation to housing with care for people with dementia. It was set up in 2008 in order to develop robust evidence on dementia care in a Housing with Care (HWC) setting and now has a membership of over 90 individuals and organisations. Members comprise providers and commissioners of housing with care and an array of other interested parties including academics, architects, advisors, researchers, policy makers and third sector organisations. The core members are five well-established providers of HWC: Housing21, Anchor, The ExtraCare Charitable Trust, Hanover, MHA. Between them, they represent the five biggest providers of HWC for older people in the UK.

Aims of the HDRC:
 To shape the agenda of research into HWC to ensure its relevance and usefulness to housing providers and people with dementia;
 To work together to have greater weight when applying for research funding;
 To deliver more ambitious large-scale, multi-provider research;
 To share findings from in-house research and evaluations.

The HDRC has developed a list of key research questions that are priorities for the consortium. The research coordinator, together with other members of the HDRC and external partners, is actively developing research proposals and seeking funding. She has also conducted a small in-house study of provision for people with dementia within HWC schemes from among the core members that will help inform future research development.

The HDRC website can be found at:
If you would like further information or would like to join the HDRC, please contact the Research Coordinator, Dr Julie Barrett:; 0300 790 1122


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National Housing for Older People Awards 2012

by abilleter2 20. January 2012 10:27

The deadline for nominations has been reset to 30th March 2012. Now that the date of the Awards Celebration has been fixed to 21st May, we can extend the nomination period by another month. Despite the new cost of the nomination packs, orders for them are piling in, and so are the submissions. To date we have received nominations from 223 groups of residents, such as the one on this photo, sent by the residents of Westmead, Barnsley, an extra care scheme managed by South Yorkshire Housing Association Ltd.

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